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Any consultant* working for an Interested Party ** must register on the IOC’s Register of Consultants. Registration is a prerequisite for the provision of any service and/or the signature of any service contract by the NOC and/or the Interested Party.

Being registered on the IOC’s Register of Consultants does not constitute any form of endorsement by the IOC.

During the Continuous Dialogue, the name of the consultant and company / group name will be publicly displayed in alphabetical on the Register. During the Targeted Dialogue, this information will be linked with the Interested Party / country concerned.

The Rules regarding the IOC’s Register of Consultants can be found in the IOC Code of Ethics page 54 or here.

* A consultant is considered to be any individual or company who is not linked by an employment contract to the NOC or the Interested Party and who participates in or supports a candidature by providing consultancy or similar services in any way and at any time.
** Interested Party(ies): City/Region/Country/National Olympic Committee (NOC) / associated individual interested in hosting a future edition of the Olympic Summer/Winter Games or the Summer/Winter Youth Olympic Games.