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A consultant can only work for one Interested Party, during the Continuous Dialogue and the Targeted Dialogue; he/she must register prior to signing a contract with an Interested Party.

IOC’s Register of consultants authorised to provide services in the framework of a future olympic HOST

Agreement on the processing of personal information


The Interested Parties wishing to participate in the Continuous or the Targeted Dialogue with the IOC have undertaken to use only the services of consultants, individuals or companies, having previously registered themselves in the IOC’s Register of Consultants managed by the IOC (the “IOC’s Register of Consultants”) and thereby demonstrated their commitment to comply with the IOC’s ethical principles, the Olympic Charter, the IOC Code of Ethics and its implementing provisions, especially the Rules of Conduct for Continuous Dialogue and the Rules of Conduct for Targeted Dialogue, as well as the Rules Concerning Conflicts of Interest. In view of constituting and managing the IOC’s Register of Consultants, as well as monitoring the registered consultants’ compliance with these texts (the “Permitted Purposes”), the IOC may collect and process certain information relative to consultants, including personal data within the meaning of the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act of 19 June 1992. In the registration process, consultants will have to expressly confirm their agreement with the collection and processing of their personal information in accordance with the terms of this Declaration.

1. Publication

During Continuous Dialogue, the name and company of consultants registered will be published by the IOC in alphabetical order and therefore made publicly available. During the Targeted Dialogue, the consultant’s name/company will be linked to the Interested Party/country concerned and therefore made publicly available by the IOC. Other information and documents provided by consultants in view of their registration will be kept confidential by the IOC and will only be disclosed to third parties in the situations foreseen at Section 4 of the present Declaration.

2. Processing of personal information

The IOC undertakes to process the collected information only as necessary for achieving the Permitted Purposes and always in a transparent, lawful and proportional manner. The IOC will store the collected information in its servers located in Switzerland or elsewhere in the European Union. The IOC will retain information relating to consultants only as long as necessary for the Permitted Purposes but at least until the dissolution of the Organising Committee of the edition of the Olympic Games concerned. Certain information may be kept for a longer period of time exclusively for statistical and research purposes and the IOC will use non-identifiable information wherever possible.

3. Security

The IOC will implement technical and organisational measures to protect the collected information against the risks of unauthorised access, damage, destruction or theft.

4. Disclosure of collected information to third parties

The IOC reserves the right to disclose information relating to consultants to any of its employees, agents or subcontractors, including as the case may be outside Switzerland or the European Union, if the IOC deems such disclosure necessary for achieving the Permitted Purposes. The IOC may also disclose to each respective Interested Party and NOC information provided by the consultants registered in view of providing them services. In all such cases, the IOC will ensure that the data recipient undertakes to keep the transmitted information confidential and secure. The IOC also reserves the right to release information relating to consultants to law enforcement authorities if the IOC is required under law to do so, or based on its good-faith belief that such release is necessary to comply with applicable legislation or protect its legitimate interests.

5. Access and rectification right

At all times, registered consultants may request access to their own information, as well as the correction of any erroneous or incomplete data, by contacting the IOC at the address indicated on the registration portal. It is the consultant’s responsibility to verify that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date and, in case a consultant notices any inaccurate or obsolete data, to notify the IOC in a timely manner.