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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the register a sign of recognition by the IOC?

The IOC Consultants Register is not an official recognition by the IOC of any quality or capacity of a consultant or consulting company.

What is the aim of the Register?

To ensure a public commitment by consultants engaged in the Olympic Games Bid Process to respect the IOC rules, the Olympic Charter, the IOC Code of Ethics and all its implementing provisions, in particular the Rules of Conduct for the Olympic Games Bid Process.

Who should register in the IOC Consultants Register?

Any consultant (person or company) who is not linked by an employment contract to the National Olympic Committee (NOC), the city or the Bidding Committee, and who participates in or supports a candidature by providing consultancy or similar services in any way during the Bid Process. The Register is only open to those who have already been chosen by the NOC or the City to support their bid.

When should a consultant register?

Registration should take place after the consultant has been chosen by the NOC or the City to support their bid and prior to signature of any consulting contract.

Can a consultant work for more than one Bid City?

A consultant cannot support more than one City to host the Olympic Games in the same year.

Can a consultant promote the fact that they are registered on the Consultants Register?

The Consultant registered undertakes, personally or on behalf of the company, not to refer in any way to his/her entry in the Register of Consultants for promotional or commercial purposes.

How long does a consultant’s name or his/her company’s name remain on the Register?

A consultant’s name, or that or his/her company’s name, will remain on the public list of Registered Consultants until the Host City is selected. The IOC will retain information relating to the registration at least until the dissolution of the Organising Committee for the specific Olympic Games for which the consultant was registered. Certain information may be kept for a longer period of time exclusively for statistical and research purposes and the IOC will use non-identifiable information wherever possible.

Who controls the consultant’s entry on the register?

As an entry on the Register is a formal commitment, the consultant undertakes, personally or on behalf of a company, to ensure the data of the entry is true, up to date and that the consultant is about to deliver services to the city with whom a contact will be signed. Furthermore, the consultant must withdraw from the list once services are no longer provided or if the contract with the NOC and/or the city is terminated. The NOC and City will also verify on a regular basis that the consultant registered on their list is actually working for their bid. If this is not the case, the consultant will be asked to withdraw from the city list.

What are the obligations and the risks linked to registration?

The consultant declares his/her commitment to respecting the IOC rules and regulations; in the event that a consultant breaches those rules and regulations, the IOC may take measures and/or sanction, including the withdrawal from the Register. The NOC and the City will be responsible for refraining from receiving services from a consultant who cannot provide proof of registration.